Janet R. MacQuarrie

Jan MacQuarrie is a Creative Optimist.

She specializes in the expression of the multiple dimensions of living, bringing both a realistic and an intuitive strength to her work - a fearless expression of who she is and what she values. Her dreamscapes embody the Divine and the Mortal, the ephemeral and the enduring. Her life-long self-exploration is expressed in her relationships and endeavors. She considers everyone’s life as being a developing process continually unfolding, offering many opportunities for ongoing evolution and richness.

Jan is semi-retired - she has been a Registered Nurse, Registered Masseuse, a Neuro Linguistics Trainer and Developer, an Ambassador for Laughter Yoga in Canada, and is an Artist. She continues to pursue her personal development, while her world travels are a significant part of her experiential knowledge.

Jan is married to Dave MacQuarrie, and is an integral part of originating A Place Two Be. As his wife and partner, she is grateful for this opportunity to be an Associate in his contribution to Mankind. She is a mother of four dynamic daughters, and proud grandmother of five grandsons.

Susan Craig

I am committed to inner exploration, and expanding the fullness of living. A major catalyst in my growth was in meeting  Dr. Dave MacQuarrie in early 2004, at one of his Anger, Rage, and Violation workshops. From there on, I trained with Jan MacQuarrie in Neuro Linguistic Programming, earning Master Practitioner Certification. 

I am fully aware life on Earth is rapidly changing, and I am doing what I can to support a process of community engagement and learning.

I have been working with people as a life coach for nine years. I am passionate about being a resource to others, and my own inner work. I am happily in long-term partnership with Duncan Cook.

website: www.DevelopingHorizons.ca

Duncan Cook

 I first attended Dave's Anger Rage and Violation workshop in 2003 and became a regular member of Dave's ongoing group sessions.

In the process I trained with the creator of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria in 2005 as Leader and again in 2006 as Teacher in Toronto, Ontario. I provide training courses and have arranged events to promote Laughter Yoga in Ontario. I co-ordinated the first Canada Conference, held in Toronto in 2013,  recently completing training at the level of Master Trainer  and now authorised to conduct Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher training.

I also hold qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Practitioner level, having trained with Janet R. MacQuarrie (Unique Perceptions). I live in Kitchener and am married to Susan Craig.

website: www.LaughterTraining.net