For Our Children            Date TBA           Location TBA

For Our Children

17 hours over a weekend program

Friday evening: 1830-2200

Saturday and Sunday: 0930-1730

This is a workshop of doom and gloom ... and hope. This is the opportunity to learn about despair and hope, and what we can do, not just what we should do. We are entering an era unlike any we have experienced in the past 55 million years. And all because of our own doing --- mankind has become too careless. We are about to destroy our civilization; it is not that we may destroy but will destroy our culture if we do not do something different with whom we are.

This is a weekend to explore what is actually happening in the issues of Climate Change, and the underlying causes, so as to gain tools to do something about these issues. It is about what we choose to leave our children. Because of the dangers of our modern world, Dave regards this weekend as a form of preventive medicine.