Laughter Plus +

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Laughter Plus + - Specialised Skills Training

Laughter yoga provides the platform for a fascinating introduction to the psychology of happiness in action. This one-day workshop combines laughter yoga, energy psychology, neurolinguistic programming, and family systems to introduce the possibility of living more effectively.

Are you ready and willing? Do you want more vitality in life? Do you want to achieve more effectiveness with yourself and your clients? Welcome to a life of possibility and potential.

This workshop is aimed at professionals in the field, whilst also being useful for non-professionals.

Dave MacQuarrie, MD PhD, retired therapist, now educational coach, provides rare insight based on his 25 years as a professional; he incorporates models and techniques developed by Ed Friedman (Family Systems) and John Grinder (NLP) as well as many others. He has worked extensively with Dr. Madan Kataria in the development of emotional intelligence via laughter yoga.

Duncan Cook, registered Master Trainer for Laughter Yoga International in Canada, brings his experience in the practice of laughter as exercise and meditation, contributing additional information in developing group dynamics.

A full day of learning providing practical methods and techniques to effect noticeable change at the emotional level.