Needing Anger Management?

(for legal reasons or otherwise)

Since retirement, I have been recognizing the deficits of many existing anger management programs. Thus, I have decided to offer my anger management program via electronic communications. This program can be taken by individuals, or as a couple (it is often useful for both parties of a conflict to have the same basic understanding of the nature of conflict).

Who Am I?

Over the years of my therapy practice, many people came to me because of my anger program, including many therapists who wanted to work on their own issues. From many sources, I was told that it was the best program available. For example:

  • A senior police officer of 25 years’ experience (after attending my anger weekend) told me he knew of no better program: “Through Dave’s approach, a permanent solution is available;through other approaches the solution is temporary.”
  • A probation officer with 20 years’ experience noted: “without question the most effective anger management program I have encountered in my more than twenty years as probation officer. ... I am amazed to see the progress that  can come about in one weekend.”
  • A Justice of the Supreme Court specifically noted my services in a number of cases.

If you want further confirmation of the effectiveness of my work, I suggest you read the final appendix of my book Blowing Out The Darkness.

By way of information, I was a licensed physician in Ontario (CPSO #27071),practicing full-time psychotherapy from 1986 to 2010 (although from late-2008, my practice was confined to workshop presentations). Over this period, I provided more than 200 workshops on anger management to more than 3000 people. My qualifications included a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences, several diplomas in each of Gestalt Therapy and  NeuroLinguistic Programming, and a variety of other trainings. My major areas of interest were that of Anger, Rage and Violation andCommunication Is/As Emotional Process. An area of major interest was also that of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Currently I also hold a PhD in Wisdom Studies, my dissertation being based on research concerning acedia (laziness, fearfulness, and self-righteousness).

I have two published books:

  • Blowing Out The Darkness: The Management of Emotional Life Issues, Especially Anger And Rage (2008, Bloomington, IN, USA: AuthorHouse)
  • Acedia, The Darkness Within, and the darkness of climate change (2013, Bloomington, IN, USA: AuthorHouse)

Currently, having resigned my medical license, I function as a coach. But the quality of my work has not changed, simply the designation. (If you are mandated to obtain anger management, I suggest you contact the appropriate authority as to whether working with me would satisfy the legal needs. I can provide supportive documentation if needed.)

I also have a free email anger program (approximately 30 emails) available on my blog: The Human Side Of Global Warming (

What I Offer

The Program will consist of:

  • I will send individuals (or couples) copies of the email anger program twice weekly. Each email will consist of a two-page Word document, with a short task within each email.

o   Participants will complete the tasks of each email, and submit them to me. I will give feedback on their completion.

o   Questions may be submitted at any time.

  • We will have five (5) sessions of teaching and exploration of issues via electronic meetings, usually 1½ - 2 hours each.

o   Client sessions will normally be at the beginning of the program, after each 8 emails, and at completion, but I am flexible to needs.

At the end of the program, I will provide a letter of completion, together with documentation that will support the efficacy of the program (if such documentation is needed at the beginning so as to seek legal approval, this can also be arranged).

Cost: $750.00 Canadian

I will need:

  • That clients create a free account with, my preferred audiovisual system for client meetings. In addition to audiovisual contact, this also allows the provision of PowerPoint slides and other suitable teaching devices.

o   Sessions will be recorded, and clients may have a copy of the recording for review (usually a downloaded mp4 file).

  • I will need personal contact information as well as your Zoom contact name.

o   I will set up appointments at mutually agreeable time (currently I live in West Vancouver, British Columbia in the Pacific time zone).

  • I suggest that clients obtain one or both of my books, especially Blowing Out The Darkness, for further study.

o   Since these are no longer available on Amazon (other than as Kindle books), I can arrange their availability from AuthorHouse.


Interested? Contact Dave to discuss options.