Pricing Policy

Weekend Workshops (BOTD, MWT, FOC): $350 per weekend

So You Want To Be Heard: $300

Bottom Line workshop: $250

(Light lunch offered; snacks provided for above)

Working with Dave: $150 per hour

Training with Dave: $1000

Monographs: $10 each


Dave’s Commentary on Pricing: Sliding Scale Availability

I am in a quandary over many issues of our culture. One of the issues is that of price point for value. I believe that these workshops are very valuable, and have frequently been told that there are no other workshops like these, i.e., workshops that consistently offer skill development for emotional maturing. My quandary is that I both:

  • believe in the Buddhist principle of dana (at a Vipassana Meditation Retreat, the teachings are always free; costs, if any, are charged only for maintenance of the retreat center), and
  • recognize that in our society price often determines perceived value (people sometimes will buy worthless items, if the item is given a high price).

I deliberately choose to price my workshops somewhat less than I believe they are worth so as to allow availability. Yet I still recognize that some people are unable afford them --- the pricing is still too high. Therefore my policy is to offer a sliding scale for those less fortunate; if needed, please Contact us for details.