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To encourage emotional growth.

Dave MacQuarrie, a dynamic polymath, is deeply concerned about climate change, especially the underlying emotional issues that fuel these problems. He cares deeply about the duplicity of our culture, and the need for cultural maturation.

The current conditions and situation here on Earth emphasize the importance of growth, both in the internal and external world of every human being. Change may seem daunting when the know-how is unavailable. Fortunately, there are tools for anyone willing to use them. 

Dave MacQuarrie MD PhD and his Associates offer a variety of workshops that address these tools. The skills and workshops range from:

  • the management of emotional difficulties, especially anger and rage (Blowing Out The Darkness)
  • the skills of effective relationship (Men and Women Coming Together)
  • the difficulties and management of burnout (The Bottom Line)
  • the need for envisioning how we wish our culture to develop (For Our Children)
  • training in Anger Management for professionals (ARV Training: Anger, Rage and Violation)

Dave MacQuarrie BSc, MSc, MD, CRCPC, MA-ABS, PhD